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Your Site. Your Terms.

NonprofitPress is modular – made of plugins, extensions, and integrations on a rock-solid core. You can build it up as needed, or bundle for the most savings.

Get started with just three choices:

Part 1: Features and Integrations

NonprofitPress includes quick-configuration and support for many plugins, most of which include managed licenses. You’ll never have to worry about expirations or API keys.

Part 2: Server Resources

You’d want a strong foundation for a new office, and the server your site runs on is just as important. Fortunately, NonprofitPress simplifies “hosting” and gives you more power for your money.

Part 3: Training, Support, Development

We offer many options for ongoing support and management of various aspects of your website. While all maintenance is included, your organization may benefit from assistance or support by our experienced pros.



Starting at $40/month

paid annually, or $49 monthly


  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • Managed Cloud Hub*
  • Mailing List Sync
  • 5 Quick Updates / month
  • Discounted support


Powered by MWP Cloud

  • Up to 2 virtual CPUs
  • Up to 2GB Memory
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • Rated for 50k visitors
  • 100% dedicated



Starting at $80/month

paid annually, or $89 monthly


  • Everything in Essentials
  • Donation Management
  • All GiveWP Add-Ons
  • Board Management
  • Volunteer Management
  • 15 Quick Updates / month


Powered by MWP Cloud

  • Up to 2 virtual CPUs
  • Up to 2GB Memory
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • Rated for 50k visitors
  • 100% dedicated



Starting at $125/month

paid annually, or $139 monthly


  • Everything in Essentials, Plus
  • Community Management
  • eCommerce + Drop Ship
  • Unlimited Quick Updates
  • 2 Support Credits / month


Powered by MWP Cloud

  • Up to 4 virtual CPUs
  • Up to 8GB Memory
  • 60GB SSD Storage
  • Rated for 100k visitors
  • 100% dedicated


In addition to the huge cost savings above, NonprofitPress is also available a la carte. This allows any-sized nonprofit organization to claim a digital space and take control of content – at your pace.

Now with Managed Cloud Hub!

All plans and bundles, including a la carte, grant access to “the Hub” – a central resource for all of your organization’s cloud apps and services.

Resource Upgrades

The resource tiers included with our bundles cover 95% of organizations, however we provide 1-click scaling to expand or reduce resources as needed.

Max supported resources:

Processing32 vCPU
Bandwidth (no cap)45TB/month
CDN (Images, JS, CSS)1TB
Secure Backups1TB storage

*As new features are added monthly, not all plugins and platform integrations are shown. Please reach out to our Success Team for more detailed information and a personalized quote.

All Plans Include

Self-recovering WordPress hosting with auto-updates

You’ll never, ever have to worry about keeping plugins and themes up to date. Our service automates the entire process, including restoring a backup if anything goes wrong.

Global content delivery network with image optimization

Images, scripts, and other assets are stored and served from our edge CDN based on the user’s location for extremely fast load times, guaranteed.

Built-in and fully managed WAF for WordPress

Our web application firewall is not only tuned for WordPress, but preconfigured to keep your visitors secure and your site free from spam. Plus, daily security scans for peace of mind.

Nightly and on-demand encrypted, full-site backups

Just in case something goes wrong, we’ll have you covered. Restore your entire site, files and database included, with just a click in a matter of minutes. Capped at 60 incremental backups.

Library of tested and secure plugins

We have a curated collection of plugins that pass both our security and compatibility tests. Because it’s WordPress, almost any of the 50,000+ plugins available will work, too.

Google Workspace Integration

You, your editors, and even your users can sign into WordPress with their Google account. We also integrated Google Drive into the WordPress media gallery, so you can easily add images and files.

Caffeinated Management

Need (or want) to be more hands-off?

Our supercharged, caffeinated management team can assist with…

User Moderation

Until AI becomes more affordable, we’ll be happy to moderate user registrations on your site (requires Community features).

Up to 50 users/month
then $1 per user
Up to 250 users/month
then $1 per two users
Unlimited users
“Users” refers to new user registrations. Users denied by our firewall are excluded

Post (and Custom Post) Moderation

Allow visitors or members to submit posts (and custom post types) to your site without making the author wait for your approval action.

Up to 15 posts/month
then $2 per post
Up to 50 posts/month
then $1 per post
Unlimited posts
“Posts” refers to any custom post type: Pages, Posts, Events, Objects, etc.

Comment and Replies Moderation

Stop worrying about approving, rejecting, and otherwise filtering user-generated content. You tell us the rules, we clean up the mess.

Up to 100 posts/month
then $1 per post
Up to 250 posts/month
then $1 per post
Unlimited posts
“Posts” refer to any comment-type post: Comments, Replies, Votes, Ratings

Content Management

Write content on your time. Submit your content to our team through the Hub, email, or Support Center and we’ll make sure it gets published when and where you want.

Up to 5 articles/month
then $15 per article
Up to 25 articles/month
then $15 per article
Up to 100 articles/month
then $10 per article
“Articles” refer to any primary content types: Pages, Posts, Stories, etc.

Dedicated Moderators

All-in. Our team manages not just the typical site maintenance, but all of the moderation, content publishing, and online management, too!

Please reach out to us for a quote.

Request a Personalized Demo

We now offer personalized demo sites that you can log into and explore – complete with basic content import and a customized theme to match! Join the wait-list below and include “DEMO” at the beginning of your referral; A member of our team will be in touch shortly.

Join the Wait List!

NonprofitPress is available to a limited number of orgs each quarter to ensure success for each site. If you were referred by one of our customers, clients, or partners, please note that below.