Absolutely – you can either use our Cloud DNS, or you can transfer your domain and potentially save some money.

For DNS only, new nameserver (NS) records will be provided, along with instructions specific to your domain’s registrar.

For new domain registrations and transfers, you can select from one of our available registrars (i.e. MWP Cloud, Cloudflare, Google), enable or disable privacy protection, and that’s it! Your domain will be connected automatically after registration completes. We even set up SSL for you.

You don’t have to, but it is very much encouraged.

Why? While your site runs on it’s own VPS (not applicable to Nano), and does have a dedicated IP address, on occasion that may need to be updated due to infrastructure changes or security risks. For example, if your assigned IP becomes blocklisted, we will attempt to issue a new one. When you use our DNS, that update is automatically applied. Otherwise your website would go down until you manually update your DNS records.

If you elect to not use our DNS, various records will be provided, along with instructions for your domain’s registrar. Wildcard SSL is only available is you also configure the _acme records.

Usually you won’t have to, but if you’re setting up a new cloud application or service or need to add a verification record, that can be done through our DNS manager.

Your hosting control panel (through MWP Cloud) has a full DNS manager where you can add or remove records as needed.

All NonprofitPress sites receive two static subdomains:

    • Automatically generated when you create a new NonprofitPress site – this is used for sFTP, SSH, and initial DNS setup.
    • This is also the base of your staging site’s domain
    • Each NonprofitPress site can have its own vanity subdomain (if available) from our network. This cannot be changed after selection, and acts as a fallback if your primary domain fails

At the moment, non-premium domains are priced as follows, regardless of registrar selected:

Extension or ClassAnnual Cost
Premium TLD (uncommon)Registry + $5.44
Other extensionsRegistry + $5.44

Some Top-Level Domains (TLD) are classified as “Premium” if they contain very common words, phrases, names, or other highly-desirable terms. Premium domains are sold by third parties who set their own rates.

Other “vanity” TLD extensions like .fund, .gives, or .gratis have various rates and may still apply the Premium classification.

In both of these cases, NonprofitPress will charge the registry price plus an additional $5.44.

To transfer your domain away from NonprofitPress, such as when you move to a new registrar or service, follow these steps:

  1. Open a chat with our team to get your auth token

Or on your own:

  1. Log into your hosting control panel
  2. Click the Domains tab
  3. Click the settings icon next to your domain to transfer
  4. Turn Off the domain lock
  5. Click Transfer Domain to get your auth token
  6. Enter the token at your new registrar

Resources (Hosting)

For VPS, yes – you can upgrade to any tier with 1-click from your hosting control panel (MWP Cloud).

VPS downgrades can only be made to one tier below the active tier, with a bottom limit of Bronze. This is due to the storage differences between tiers and the 1-click utility’s ability to resize beyond a limit. You are unable to downgrade Bronze resources due to the infrastructure differences between Quantum and Bronze.

Nano is a different infrastructure to both Quantum and Liquid Metal resources. Nano sites can be migrated to a newly-created site with Bronze tier or higher resources.

An up-to-date specs sheet for VPS (MWP Cloud) hosting is available here: VPS Spec Sheet


Yes, and you can add more if you’d like!

NonprofitPress has two built-in layers of backup, plus you can set up unlimited exports to your storage of choice – Google Drive, S3 (compatible), OneDrive, Dropbox, or sFTP. All three backup options listed below support 1-click restore and export to ZIP from the Snapshot plugin or your MWP Cloud hosting dashboard on the Hub.

Backups are stored locally and encrypted off-site. This allows for easy migration, restore, and tier changes.

Hosting Backup
MWP Cloud – which powers the hosting behind NonprofitPress, includes an automatic nightly backup of everything – all of your website’s files and its corresponding database. MWP Cloud stores 30 backups at a time, automatically overwriting older backups as needed. Hosting backups are managed within MWP Cloud or the Snapshot plugin.

Snapshot Backup
Snapshot (Pro) is included with NonprofitPress to schedule your own or run manual backups. Each Snapshot backup can be exported to one of our supported external providers: OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or compatible, and sFTP. Snapshot stores up to 30 backups that are overwritten by new backups as needed.

Automate Safe-Update
Snapshot also works with Automate to create a restore point before it installs any updates. If Automate detects errors after an update, Snapshot will automatically revert to the restore point.

Probably! You can install almost any theme from the repository, or you can stick with our optimized theme and custom child theme for your organization. If the theme you’ve selected no longer supports the latest version of WordPress, or if you need something added or repaired, NonprofitPress offers custom development for plugins and themes. Quotes are available upon request.

All NonprofitPress sites include a license for our custom theme, NPP 2023, which is a fork of the Customify theme by PressMaximum (with Pro upgrade and license). This theme includes all of the customization and flexibility of the Customify theme, tuned and further optimized for our hosting and included plugins.

Our Ultimate bundle includes a child theme of NPP 2023, custom-developed for each customer. We maintain both the NPP 2023 and custom child themes throughout your use of NonprofitPress.

In most cases, yes, and we’ll even do it for you!

Any website running the open-source CMS “WordPress” version 6.2 or higher can be migrated to NonprofitPress. Some plugins or settings may become redundant or need reconfiguration, but we will assist with that, too. NonprofitPress is based on the latest stable WordPress version running on managed PHP, database, and operating system versions.

Give it a shot, in staging of course!

Most plugins from the repository are supported by NonprofitPress, with known exceptions listed below.

Plugin Name, Version (if applicable)Status
Bookly schedulingCauses issues with object storage and is not compatible with included caching, backup plugins and hosting features.
miniOrange SSO, Social login, etc.Interferes with WAF, causes caching issues, not compatible with hosting features.
Forminator, Hustle, Smush, Hummingbird, Smartcrawl, Snapshot, Branda, Advanced Custom Fields, Admin Columns, My Calendar, GiveWP, Ultimate MemberPro versions are pre-installed and are not compatible with free versions
GiveWP add-onsPreinstalled with applicable plans. Can be re-installed from the Hub, even if deleted.
GiveWP add-onsPreinstalled with applicable plans. Can be re-installed by Support through chat.
Ultimate Member


Online purchases can be made with a credit/debit card, digital wallet, or ACH. Most bundles or resources are billed monthly, with variable savings available with annual billing.

Customers using Platinum or higher-tier resources and clients who have used NonprofitPress since the beta have the option to pay invoices by check.

Changes to hosting resources and cloud infrastructure services are prorated and billed monthly.

If on annual billing, you can pay the difference for the remainder of your period up-front then through renewals, or continue monthly until renewal. Variable discounts may be available.

At the end of a trial, if a plan or bundle is not selected, the site will be archived and exported. You can download the archive up to 30 days after creation.

If you aren’t ready to go live by the end of your trial, we’re happy to work with you to find a mutually beneficial solution.

One of the operational benefits to using NonprofitPress is having fewer license keys and subscriptions to manage. Plugin upgrades and add-ons included with bundles are pre-installed on your site. All you need to do is go to your plugins page and activate it. If the plugin is deleted by accident, you can re-install it from the MWP Cloud dashboard/hosting control panel.

Something else?

If available, open a chat with one of our WordPress experts, or drop us a line using this form.