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All of your services, connected

Stripe Payments and Subscriptions

Accept secure payments directly on your website! Stripe is supported in all of our features and most integrations, like Give donor management, Forminator Pro form builder, and more.

  • Accept payments from anywhere
  • Supports digital wallets
  • One-click Apple Pay checkout
  • Subscriptions and recurring invoices
  • ACH and bank login
  • No payment information stored


Accept PayPal, Venmo, and PayPal credit/debit on your site with Forminator, GiveWP, and WooCommerce stores.

Hubspot Sync

Sync data to and from Hubspot with integrations for Forminator, Hustle, WooCommerce, and GiveWP


Enable Google Workspace SSO and grant global access to Google Account-supported plugins.

Drive + Sheets

Embed live and snapshots of documents from your Drive. Export data from Hustle, GiveWP, Forminator, and WooCommerce to sheets automatically.


Sync customer and donor data to your Mailchimp audience(s) and apply tags based on conditions. Full support for list management and unsubscribe options.

Woo Payments

Full support for WooCommerce Payments – a complete payments solution to replace PayPal and Stripe connections.

Replace your old school forms with chatbots! Typebot is a better way to ask for information. It leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and retention and multiply by 3 your conversion rate compared to classical forms. Typebot gives you powerful blocks to create unique chat experiences. Embed them anywhere on your web/mobile apps and start collecting results like magic.

Choose your deployment:

  • Public Instance (starting at $0/month)
  • Shared Private (starting at $0/month)
  • Private App (starting at $10/month)

Managed Cloud

NonprofitPress is tightly integrated with Managed Cloud Hub (a.k.a. Managed Private Cloud) by Smashstar Media. It’s your one-stop-shop for reviewing and changing all of your managed services – both in your private cloud and online.

  • Google Workspace
  • MWP Cloud & Control Panel
  • Mailchimp Connector
  • ImprovMX
  • Cloudflare
  • Cloud Domains, DNS
  • Custom applications
  • Typebot
  • Vaultwarden (VPS Only)