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This plugin presents your scholarships in a beautiful directory with filters and allows applications.

The scholarship directory inherits your theme’s post archive template and adds support for custom meta like Eligibility and Award amount. With full support for the Filter Everything plugin, you can allow visitors to sort and filter available scholarships based on their own criteria and needs right from your sidebar.

Our custom scholarship post type has a responsive, accessible front-end view that can contain any and all information about the scholarship itself, as well as global (site-wide) characteristics. When paired with Forminator, you can embed an application within the scholarship page or default to a global, “Universal” application. The PDF add-on can include a PDF copy of the application with your custom template on any email or export.

SmartCrawl allows indexing of your scholarships and directory with an included custom post type schema.

Scholarship fields

  • Name
  • Sponsor
  • Description
  • Eligibility terms
  • Award amount
  • Award disclaimer
  • Conditions
  • Application instructions
  • Application form
  • Application download

Eligibility tags

  • GPA
  • QPA
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Credits
  • Enrollment
  • Custom tags
  • Nested tags







Included in

Essentials, Plus, Ultimate


NonprofitPress Latest, PHP 8.1+, MySQL 8+