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There’s a new PDF Receipts update from GiveWP. Access bulk downloads and new template tags in the latest version.

The PDF Receipts update means this add-on got a little love recently and we’re excited to share these enhancements with you!

In our latest release, we made the following PDF Receipts update:

  • Bulk downloads through the PDF export tool
  • New tag templates

These enhancements were made based on customer feedback that the previous version of the PDF Receipts add-on was not customizable enough to suit their needs. We are always interested in hearing customer feedback so we can continue to improve our add-ons and features to suit your needs.

Let’s dig in.

Bulk Downloads

One of the biggest pain points for our international customers was that the previous version of PDF Receipts did not allow them to comply with their government’s requirements. Some countries require physical copies of donation receipts and manually downloading individual receipts for each donor was a time-consuming process.

The PDF Receipts update (version 2.4.0) allows users to bulk download PDF receipts for printing, mailing, or as part of the overall workflow.

With the Bulk Download option, organizations have quick and easy access to chronological receipts for every donation and can use them as part of the record-keeping process or even print and mail the receipts to their donors.

Additionally, by making downloadable bulk copies of receipts available to your donors, you can make it easy for them to manage their personal financial records.

For information on how to implement bulk downloads, visit our Documentation.

New Template Tags

Like email tags, the template tags in PDF receipts let you insert donation data directly into your PDF receipts. By simply adding the tag where you want the data to display, you can create custom PDF receipts that help your donor feel informed and engaged.

The new template tags in the PDF Receipts update include:

  • {written_amount}: The written total of the donation.
  • {written_amount_without_decimals}: The written total of the donation without decimals.
  • {written_amount_dictated}: Displays donation value as an exact numeric value.
  • {written_amount_dictated_without_decimals}: Displays the donation as an exact numeric value without a decimal point.
  • {donor_comment}: Displays the donor comment that was submitted with the donation.
  • {tribute_info}: Displays a donor’s choice to include a tribute.
  • {gift_aid_status}: Displays the donor’s selection to opt-in to Gift Aid.
  • {fund}: Displays the name of the fund selected by the donor.
  • {fund_description}: Displays the description of the selected fund (entered by the admin in Funds and Designations settings).
  • {company_name}: Displays the name of the company entered into the “company” field on a donation form.

As with bulk downloads, the written tags were created based on feedback from our international users. Some countries require that receipts display donation amounts in both numerical and written forms.

Furthermore, many users want PDF receipts to mirror their Email receipts. Prior to the most recent release, users could include the donor comments in their email receipts but that tag did not work for PDF receipts.

But now it does! Want to request more tags for PDF receipts? Canny is the best place for that feedback.

(The donor comments tag is also a useful way to remind donors of their why.)

To see the full list of available template tags for the PDF Receipts add-on, check out the Custom PDF Builder Overview in our documentation.

PDF Receipts Update

The PDF Receipts add-on empowers your organization to create configurable and customizable PDF receipts for your donors. The enhancements above give you more flexibility with your receipt customization (and allow international users to be compliant) and provide easier access to downloadable PDF receipts.

The PDF Receipts add-on is included in all of the GiveWP pricing plans. To access the PDF Receipts update, make sure you download the add-on or update at your earliest convenience!

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