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Streamlining Year-End Reviews: A Nonprofit Guide to Exporting Donation Receipts as PDFs



As nonprofits prepare for tax season and other audits, having an organized system for managing donation receipts is crucial. This guide will show you how to use the GiveWP tool to efficiently export all donation receipts as PDFs, ensuring you’re ahead of donor inquiries and ready for any internal or external audits.

Why Export Donation Receipts?

Exporting donation receipts as PDFs is essential for:

  • Tax Preparation: Simplifies the process of preparing for tax season by having all donation documentation in one place.
  • Donor Communications: Allows for quick retrieval of specific donation receipts to address donor inquiries.
  • Audit Readiness: Facilitates smooth internal or external audits by providing comprehensive records of all donations.

Using GiveWP’s PDF Export Tool

GiveWP offers a powerful PDF Export tool, which might require an additional PDF add-on. This tool allows nonprofits to export donation receipts over a specified date range, such as the past year. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Accessing the Tool

Navigate to Donations > Tools > PDF Export in your WP dashboard. This section is where you’ll start the process of exporting your donation receipts.

Step 2: Setting the Date Range

Select the date range for which you want to export donation receipts. Typically, you’ll choose the previous fiscal year to prepare for year-end reviews or tax season.

Step 3: Exporting the Receipts

After setting the date range, the tool will automatically gather all relevant donation receipts. It will generate PDFs for any donations that previously did not have a receipt created. This ensures that your records are complete and up-to-date.

Step 4: Downloading the Archive

Once the PDFs are generated, the tool will provide them in a downloadable .zip archive. This archive can be stored locally or in cloud storage for easy access and safekeeping.

Bonus Tip

Leveraging Google Workspace for Nonprofits

If your organization uses Google Workspace for Nonprofits, you can enhance your document management by setting up a Shared Drive. This approach provides easier but secure access management for your team:

  • Centralized Storage: Store all exported PDF archives in a designated Shared Drive. This centralizes access and simplifies management.
  • Access Control: Easily manage who can view, edit, or download the documents based on their roles within your organization.
  • Advanced Search: Utilize Google Workspace’s Cloud Search to quickly find specific documents or information, making it easier to handle inquiries or prepare for audits.

Best Practices for Managing Donation Receipts

  • Regular Exports: Consider scheduling regular exports (e.g., monthly or quarterly) to keep your records consistently up-to-date and simplify year-end processes.
  • Secure Storage: Ensure that the downloaded archives are stored in a secure, backed-up location to prevent data loss.
  • Accessibility: Keep your records easily accessible to authorized personnel to streamline communications and audits.

By utilizing GiveWP’s PDF Export tool and integrating it with Google Workspace for Nonprofits, your nonprofit can enhance its financial documentation processes, making tax season and donor communications smoother and more efficient. This guide should help you harness the full capabilities of these tools, ensuring that you’re well-prepared for any reviews or inquiries.