Team Sharing Inc



Our work with Team Sharing Inc, based in Massachusetts, has been crucial in the foundation and creation of NonprofitPress. As an organization that had previously left WordPress for a more stable solution, we wanted to make sure Team Sharing Inc felt good about deciding to give it another try. Thankfully, NonprofitPress isn’t your everyday managed WordPress platform.

Our focus on the donation form and spam isolation was tested and refocused on many occasions as spammers got more crafty. This organization’s current donation form and donor portal is standing strong and continuously improving thanks to the work of GiveWP’s developers, Cloudflare, and MWP Cloud.

Donations and Donor Portal

GiveWP + add-ons

For Team Sharing Inc, being able to accept donations from larger partners was essential. Giving donors a private portal to review and export their donations – that just made things better for everyone.

Team Sharing Inc utilizes GiveWP’s mobile-friendly donation form with fee recovery* and recurring* options. The Donor Portal allows secure access for printing receipts and records for tax filing.

Online Memorial

Forminator Pro, ACF Pro

Team Sharing Inc’s updated website included plans for an online memorial of Angels lost to substance use disorder. We are happy to be able to provide this solution for the families and friends of those in memory.

Forminator was selected for this project to allow visitor submissions of a custom post type, “Angel,” which becomes visible in a public gallery and custom page templates. Submissions are guarded by Cloudflare Turnstile and help for moderation before publishing.

A proposal for an update includes a method for submitters to log-in for editing or removing any submitted memorial pages.

Chapters Directory

ACF Pro, ACF Extended

Team Sharing Inc is based in Massachusetts, however several other states and areas have grown their own chapters, including many external groups.

The directory and “Chapter” custom post type allow for dynamic generation of content and flexibility for a proposed update. Additional “Resources” share this template and structure, allowing for a growing collection of support and resources.