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Not every nonprofit needs a full content management system. Sometimes all you need is a sleek landing page that can be linked in your social media profiles and search engine listings.

Based on feedback from local nonprofits over the last year and a half, we compiled their requirements and built a solution that can truly empower any organization.

Top Feature Requests

for our yet-to-have-been-named “lite” offering

  1. Streamlined editor and site builder
    • Our NonprofitPress-exclusive editor is built on WP’s Gutenberg block-based page builder… but we found ways to make it simpler!
  2. Minimized maintenance requirements
    • We have zero maintenance, so how about negative maintenance? Joking aside, this is a breeze compared to (costly) alternatives
  3. Forms, payments, and donations
    • Of course! How about Forminator with PayPal and Stripe?
  4. Share links and bookmarks
    • Drumroll please…. Pro. Link. Manager. Oh yes we did.
  5. More accessible and affordable
    • If only we could make this free… 🤔

* Free onboarding is available to qualifying organizations through December 31, 2023 – a $600 value.


Have some quick questions before jumping in? Or are you ready to take the keys and give it a spin? Drop us a line using the form below or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to chat!