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Bet you didn’t think we could make this better



We built NonprofitPress to make websites and online services more accessible to not-for-profit organizations. And we hold ourselves to insanely high standards when it comes to both performance and support.

We already hold the record for price to performance in managed WordPress hosting, but with costs going up, we saw an opportunity to give you even more bang for your buck. Our new plans include 125% faster hosting at the same pricing we announced last fall.

More Flexibility

Previously, NonprofitPress ran on MWP Cloud (Gen2) hosting, available in four tiers. The third-generation hosting platform now supports more flexible upgrades so you only pay for what you need. Upgrade CPU cores, memory, and storage space independently, with block storage and CDN expansion available as well.

On Gen2 “Lightning” Hosting

Essentials, Plus included

  • 1 CPU core (up to 2 cores)
  • 1GB memory (up to 8GB)
  • 25GB SSD storage (up to 160GB)

Ultimate included

  • 2 CPU cores (up to 4 cores)
  • 2GB memory (up to 16GB)
  • 25GB SSD storage (up to 640GB)

On Gen3, HF (“high-frequency”) Hosting

Essentials now includes

  • 1 Xeon core (up to 4 cores)
  • 1GB memory (up to 16GB)
  • 25GB NVMe storage (up to 360GB)

Plus now includes

  • 1 Xeon core (up to 6 cores)
  • 2GB memory (up to 24GB)
  • 64GB NVMe storage (up to 440GB)

Ultimate now includes

  • 2 Xeon cores (up to 8 cores)
  • 2GB memory (up to 32GB)
  • 80GB NVMe storage (up to 512GB)

Up to 125% faster than fast

State-of-the-art Intel CPUs

3GHz+ Intel Xeon processors with unparalleled core capabilities, made for sites requiring top-tier performance and a good number of plugins.

Next-gen disk storage

NVMe SSD that matches increased CPU throughput and significantly outperforms standard SSD storage. Paired with our global CDN, assets load instantly.

Scale hosting seamlessly

Gen3 servers accommodate and effortlessly scale with increasing website demand. Resource upgrades are also easy & affordable with our 1-click tool and seasoned experts via chat.

Improved average response time

50%+ faster average response time compared to our previous options – the new NonprofitPress hosting options provide a noticeable difference.

Everyone Wins

Existing sites will be upgraded automatically beginning February 2024. For those with hosted DNS through us, there will be virtually ZERO downtime. Please reach out to our wizards if you have any questions.