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Plugin Beta



We’re continuously adding new features to our service, many coming from WordPress plugins made by dependable developers. Before we dive into integration and licensing through our service, we typically test these plugins on a handful of customer sites (with their permission, of course!) and work closely with their editors to oversee performance and report issues.

Since NonprofitPress is now available as a self-service, commercial product, we’re opening up a “beta” for existing users to try out new plugins and features. If your organization is interested in testing any of the plugins below, please send an email to [email protected] or reach out to your account manager/rep.

The WP Legal Pages test includes installation of the plugin on your site/network, as well as a dedicated support thread to get support and report any issues with your experience using it.

While Smashstar Media has an affiliation with Termageddon, we understand that other options have been flooding the WordPress plugin repository. To avoid potential security issues with those that may not be as trustful or performant, as well as to uphold our commitment to “no lock-ins,” we’re exploring options like WP Legal Pages for customers who aren’t ready to commit to (or don’t meet the requirements for) a solution like Termageddon. Enrollment does not include or currently support any pro add-ons or upgrades.

More Coming Soon

If you become aware of a WP.org plugin that may be useful for your organization, please reach out so we can help you install it and consider for service-wide release.